Corporate Headshots Sydney – Is it time you updated yours?


In this age of Social Media, our online presence plays a huge role in the success of a business. You need to be seen often, and in the best possible light!


Company Headshots



At a glance your corporate headshot must show you as capable, honest, approachable, friendly and casual – the sort of person that people want to do business with.

A great result requires a professional photographer that can provide not just the equipment, but the people skills to make your subject feel relaxed.

When I approach a portrait shoot, these are the points I must consider for myself and the client:




Firstly its important to decide on a Style. There’s no right or wrong style for your portrait. It’s purely selective. Some might say an environmental portrait will tell more of a story, but others say a simple clean background focuses more on that person. It’s personal choice.

  • Simple/Clean background (neutral) –

Corporate Headshot Kevin Lee

  • Environmental portrait – on location. Meaning – Photographing you in your workplace or related environment

Environmental Portraits

  • 3/4 or Full Length

Corporate Headshots





Professional equipment is vital when creating a well lit business or corporate portrait.
  • 1 or 2 professional studio lights

  • A laptop to view the images on (you can’t rely on the small screen on the back of a camera)

Whether I’m shooting 1 or 20 employees, its important to have consistency with lighting, this means controllable lighting on the subject and background. If you have 20 portraits then they must all match in overall look.


Company Headshots





This is THE most important tip for a great portrait! Most people don’t feel comfortable when you place them in front of a camera with lights pointed at them. Techniques I adopt:
  • Talk – keep talking to the subject and giving them guidance on how to sit or stand. Always give them encouragement!

  • The art of distraction – when you begin shooting, tell the sitter you’re just testing the light to begin with. Often the earlier shots are the best:)

  • Its a Numbers game – let the sitter know you will be taking several shots, and you only need one. This way your sitter doesn’t feel pressured to make every shot perfect and they will often relax.




  • An upright but comfortable position

  • Generally not front on. Head & shoulders at 45degrees from the camera position is good (there are exceptions obviously, but this is a general guide)

  • Leave room around the subject – This way the company can have multiple uses for the image – Portrait, Landscape, maybe add a logo.

Business Portraits


Impress your customers and flatter your staff! People like to work with successful people. A great headshot will help show you and your organisation in the best possible light!


If you’re Corporate Headshots Sydney need updating then drop us a line. We’re based in Sydney and have access to a studio or can travel to your workplace – / +61 415 292 600

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