Custom furniture photography: Tables by Prototype

Good design inspires our work immensely. And in keeping with our love for custom furniture photography, we bring you our recent photo shoot with our custom furniture client, Prototype. We shot on location at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School and the brief was to photograph custom desks supplied and installed by Prototype.

Walking into a room full of tables and chairs can feel quite daunting sometimes, but after a quick assessment of the venue, we quickly arrived on how best to capture the furniture while sticking to the brief.

Our goal here was to not only capture the design features and details of the table, but also elevate the overall visual experience by utilising principles of composition.


Custom Furniture Photography

Custom Furniture Photography

Custom Furniture Photography

Custom Furniture Photography


Naturally the tables had to be the hero of our shoot.


By including components like vanishing point, symmetry and focus, we have been able achieve this.

We’re super excited that Prototype intends to use these visuals for marketing in their newsletters, news articles and website.

What we would love most is to hear from you about a custom furniture photography project that you need delivering on, to help you achieve your content marketing goals. Write to us: and let’s begin a conversation today.

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