Commercial outdoor photography: Randwick City Council


We recently concluded an amazing commercial outdoor photography gig with the Randwick City Council. During this 10-day shoot shoot, we photographed several facilities and properties around the Eastern suburbs of Sydney for the council’s website.

commercial outdoor photography

Spaces included: Community halls, reserves, beaches, playgrounds, parks and sporting facilities, coming up to a  whopping total of 120 locations.

The style of photography is in sync with the website’s existing photographs


We met with the clients extensively to discuss the job and the logistics involved. We used a combination of spreadsheets and a map plotting software to determine the quickest and the most efficient route to photograph.


We’ve enhanced every photograph digitally to ensure maximum quality. Things like:

  1. Colour + saturation boost
  2. Brightness/ contrast
  3. Straighten lines – (to correct verticals and barrel distortion ( a normal phenomenon when shooting with wide angle lenses)

Despite the bulk of photographs, we can say that the process was hassle-free, smooth and very organised. The photographs were optimised for the website; we formatted each picture to four different file sizes. Along with the website, the pictures are also expected to be used as advertising and marketing material.

Take a look at some of the photos from this shoot:

commercial outdoor photography

commercial outdoor photography

commercial outdoor photography

commercial outdoor photography

commercial outdoor photography

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