Real Estate Photography for Deicorp Constructions

For our real estate photography gig with Deicorp Constructions, we’ve photographed some of their recently completed housing developments. The pictures represent a mix of hero shots for advertising purposes as well as, design-focused shots that reveal the design elements of each development. We’ve worked with Decor Constructions over many years, so we were extremely familiar with the style of photographs needed.

real estate photography


We did site reccies to determine the best angles for the hero shots and the right time of day to shoot them.


We employed a total of 3 DSLR’s places on 3 tripods with an intervalometer (used primarily for timelapse and to select the interval between shots).


The images have been enhanced on Photoshop to ensure maximum quality. Features employed include:

  1. Saturation + Colour boost
  2. Brightness/ contrast
  3. Straighten lines – correct verticals and barrel distortion
  4. Removing powerlines where possible


During real estate photography gigs like this, time is of essence for success. There is usually a very narrow window of about two minutes when the ambient light matches with the internal lights of the building. This was by far the most optimum time to produce pictures, in accordance with Deicorp’s requirements.

As always, we’ll leave the results with you for evaluation:


real estate photography

real estate photography

real estate photography


Real estate photography coupled with architectural photography is one of our key areas of specialisation. Have a query? Write to us at

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