Retail product photography: MV Skincare

We recently worked on a retail product photography gig with premium skincare brand MV Skincare. We photographed their extensive range of products in a studio setting. As per brief, we supplied the images on a clean white background using drop shadow and reflection. Given how MV Skincare is a premium brand, we ensured the final images reflected class and panache.

retail product photography

The process

Pre-production:  We worked in sync with the client to confirm on the number of products and how we had to supply them.  We also organised equipment; studio lights, camera, stands and reflectors.

Production: During production, we shot under controlled lighting inside a studio. For the best possible and most consistent outcome, we took great care with the lighting.

Post production:  Every product has been retouched in Photoshop. The steps we’ve followed include:

  1. Deep etch: We digitally cut around the item, so that we could place it on a pure white background. Because, even though we shoot against a white backdrop, there will always be an element of gradation. Deep etch takes care of this problem and is particularly effective for retail product photography.
  2. Drop shadow and reflection: This is again to ensure consistency and is added during post production phase.
  3. We also created 2 x image versions of every product; high-resolution, optimized for printing and web resolution for online use (web, email, etc)

Challenges:  Retail product photography demands acute attention to detail. Reflective surfaces in particular can make photographing the item difficult.  Light control is key and can guarantee success.  And this is exactly how we rose to the occasion and the came out making the client very happy with the overall quality.

The photographs are intended for use in all their advertising and marketing material; in the online gallery, printed brochures as well as the company’s direct email campaigns.

Take a look:

retail product photography


retail product photography


retail product photography





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