The art of product photography on a white background

Pages Event Equipment is one of the country’s prominent and large-scale event hiring companies. And we recently partnered with them for a product photography gig to capture all the latest stock for their online and print catalogs. We shot about 111 products on a white background, including large furniture, glassware, cutlery and crockery.

For the shoot, we set up a portable studio at the client’s location with:

1. 3 x Studio lights, a white background, reflectors, stands
2. Professional camera x 1, Photographer x 1, Assistant x 1
During post-production:
We enhanced the images digitally on Photoshop for optimum quality, with focus on:
1. Colour + Saturation boost
2. Brightness/Contrast
3. Deep etching ( cut-out on white)
When it comes to product photography on a white background, lighting right is critical. With such a wide range of products to shoot from, this gig presented challenges and the need to ensure consistency in the final output.
 Here’s how they turned out:
 product photography on a white background
product photography on a white background
product photography on a white background
product photography on a white background

 If you liked what you saw, we’ve got some more goodies for you.

We want to show you exactly how we achieved perfection with our shots. Also find cool advice on things to remember for your next shoot.

1. Firstly, it’s important to select the right aperture for every shot. A wide aperture will always narrow your depth of field, and some parts of your product may appear out of focus. We selected a smaller aperture, so the shots appear crisp and in focus.
2. Selecting the right angle is vital. Notice how our shots enable you to see the front, top and sides of each furniture piece in one image.  Shooting front-on will make the product appear flat. Besides, shooting from an angle provides a better visual representation of the product to your customers.
3.  We worked to create multiple photographs of each product so that our client’s customers fully comprehend their look and feel when selecting the furniture on the website. This is important particularly if you are an e-commerce store, where the customer does not have the luxury to touch and feel your product and has to base their purchase decisions on the look of it alone. So give them as many views as possible with the photography of the product.
4. And lastly, a reflector is a must. This is a massive tip. In reality, furniture pieces tend to create large shadows on the sides furthest from the light source. A reflector will ensure that there are no dark corners. Like I said, what would we do without a reflector?


product photography on a white background

Duane’s looking busy setting up!

Usually when it comes to buying furniture online, customers seek  an experience that is hassle-free and reliable. As a seller or furniture hiring company, you’re looking to maximise sales. The trick here is to achieve balance without compromising on the quality of images.
Have a concept, will shoot. Write in today:


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