Mother’s Day Photo Campaign for Brother Australia

On Mother’s Day this year, Brother Australia released images from a photo campaign that we had collaborated with them on. Commissioned by Wow Factor, this Mother’s Day photo campaign is laden with aspirational imagery as the brand attempts to encourage craft enthusiasts and family members to create handmade gifts by either gifting their mums or themselves a Brother sewing/craft machine.

With the brand targeting young mums and craft enthusiasts of the age’s 20-40years, the final images can be seen as aligning with their personalities. Today’s generation is particularly obsessed with the visual appeal and design of any product. Keeping this in mind, we’ve worked to create images that steer clear of the stereotypes associated with sewing.   This is why; you’ll see how the final pictures are anything but boring. In fact, every image looks so stylish; it actually makes sewing look like a cool and fun to do.

To make the shoot come alive, we’ve recreated a beautiful outdoors setting within a controlled studio environment.

To do this, we’ve worked with:

  1. 2 studio fill lights with large soft boxes
  2. 1 studio light with snoot attachment to imitate sunlight coming through the window.
  3. 3 light stands, 2-D garden backdrops, curtains, props and the sewing machines (NS55 & NV800E embroidery machines)

Most importantly, we made sure that we got the real outdoor feel correctly captured during production, instead of having to rely on introducing these effects during post-production.

The final images of this Mother’s Day photo campaign have been used on the Brother Australia website, in brochures, magazines, as well as their social media pages.


Mother's Day Campaign


Mother's Day Campaign


Mother's Day Campaign


Mother's Day Campaign


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