What we do

Our Approach

The sole focus of DR Photography and Video is to help our Clients to create and deliver a brand awareness and unique identity (whether for Products, Services or People), that will result in improved market recognition and penetration. The ultimate aim is to increase turnover while maximising the return on our client’s advertising investment, within the defined budgetary (and any other) considerations. The challenge is to provide outstanding value regardless of the extent of the client’s budget.
Its important to note that in order to create a successful photo/video job it requires a close working relationship. If a plumber comes round to fix something you will point him/her in the direction of what needs to be fixed and they will let you know when they’re finished. Often our work is hands on from both sides, the client will in some cases be watching the images upload straight to the computer and will help advise as to what they do and don’t like.
If required we can assist our clients with the total creative experience using a number of associates with whom we have worked in the past, including media contacts, exhibition designers, photographic assistants, hair & make-up artists, stylists, lighting and sound technicians. This is a Seamless, Turn Key approach that relieves the client of any organisational concerns. However we are equally content to work with clients who may not need this or may have their own in-house or contracted people with skillsets that will complement the photographic or video assignment.

Pre-Production Planning and Analysis

This is the first and arguably the most critical stage of the photographic or video assignment.meeting
The initial meeting(s) with the client whether in person or on the phone will entail the definition of what the client wants to achieve, since everything that happens from that point must reflect the original intent. Considerations at this meeting include analysing the following:-

  • interpreting clients expectations and converting this into a creative blueprint
  • brand awareness
  • brand identity / uniqueness
  • new product?
  • budget / time restraints
  • new service or direction?
  • new branch, team or corporate image?
  • how will the images or video be used?
  • where will they be used?
  • how will the client measure the effectiveness of the imagery?

Following this analysis – planning can then begin around the actual shoots, the location (on-location or studio or both), logistics (including travel, talent, hair/makeup artists and props if necessary).
Where the assignment includes the use of Time-Lapse or Video, there will be additional steps to address in this Planning and Analysis phase, however the principle remains the same.

On-Location, Studio or both?


The Team at DR Photography and Video are able to offer their clients an outstanding studio facility in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. This studio, combined with the use of the most professional camera equipment and lighting, will result in the production of top quality images every time.
Location shooting can be more challenging but is also great fun – and the resulting images bring a sense of realism that simply cannot be reproduced in a studio setting.

During the Pre-Production, Planning and Analysis phase – the client and Duane’s Team will discuss and decide together whether Location Shoot, Studio or a combination of the two will provide the best results for the current assignment. The weather is an element which we cant control but we may for example allow a window of 2 or 3 days to reduce the risk.
While there are certain assignments that demand a studio shoot – on location shoots are extremely popular because they can capture the atmosphere of a business whether it be a restaurant environment, a corporate profiling opportunity, or a fashion shoot at the beach. The greatest proportion of our work these days is location shooting, and the Team has had the opportunity to undertake some quite demanding assignments over the past several years. The company has a portable lighting kit as well reflectors which can be used if necessary.

Post Production

Post Production is a technique that is only acquired after years of training and experience.retouch
This is where the quality of the images can be optimised or not – depending on the skill and dedication of the professional involved.
The team at DR Photography and Video always take full responsibility for Post-Production, of every photo or video taken in my organisation.
There are a number of activities that are covered by the Post-Production phase – these include:-

  • colour
  • retouching
  • sizing
  • cleaningPostProduction2
  • video editing – adding graphics, titles, logos etc.
  • creating versions for specific mediums
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Print

Many photographic assignments suffer from poor Post-Production techniques or standards. This is sometimes reflected by noticeably “cheaper” quotations for a shoot, from relatively unskilled or unqualified staff.

Delivery of the Job


The delivery of the job is extremely important to Duane and the Team at DR Photography and Video because this is when the client is excited and keen to see the result of the assignment – and the positive outcome, whether it includes photos, a time lapse sequence, or a video.
Your job will be delivered on a customised DVD which will include JPEG Images for use on the Web and for reading;- TIFF files for high resolution printing and reproduction;- and or HD Video of several versions – Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Web etc.
Your original shots/video and post production material is stored securely in a backed up environment by DR Photography and Video and you can request additional copies at any time.

Contact Duane and his Team at :
e – duane@duanerobinson.com.au
m – 0415 292 600
w – www.duanerobinson.com.au